This is a game made for the GBJAM7, I made it in a couple of days using GB Studio. 

Make Way is a little adventure where Naomi have to collect some items, push obstacles and resolve some quizzes to arrive to her best friend's home and eat pizza.

To move the player use directional keys.

To push obstacles and collect items, etc. press Z key on a PC. If you're using a Gameboy emulator on a PC or on a console press A button. Xbox joystick or similar, press B button.

Another keys you can use:
Up: Up Arrow / W  
Down: Down Arrow / S  
Left: Left Arrow / A  
Right: Right Arrow / D  
A: Alt / Z / J  
B: Ctrl / K / X  
Start: Enter  
Select: Shift

Install instructions

You can run the ROM using BGB GameBoy emulator (recommended)


MakeWay_ROM.zip 28 kB


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Nice game! I am also making a game using GBStudio for GBJAM. I like your side scrolling part. I thinking to add something like that in my game.

Thanks for your comment! I started to try GB Studio a few months ago, just for fun in my free time and... I love it! This jam was great to learn more about this engine. I think I'll do more things in future, exploring his possibilities. Good luck with your game! I want to see this scrolling part ;)